Special Dividends Reveal Companies’ Reactions To Tax Increase

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   For those who think that the threat of increased regulation or taxation does not result in reactions by the private sector are proven to be wrong, as the number of publicly traded companies issuing or expediting dividend payments in the last quarter of 2012 to evade possible higher rates is ample proof. If the Obama Administration and Congress will not take preventative action in 2013, the top effective tax rates for dividends will … [Read more...]

Obama’s Plan Could Affect Hedge Funds

Currently, the proposed legislation to restructure the U.S. financial regulatory system is making its way through both houses of Congress.   The plan is aimed to require stability, safety and systemic risk to play a larger role in the planning, thinking and strategizing of every financial institution going forward.    President Barack Obama is about to reveal details of the plan that will directly and indirectly impact the hedge fund … [Read more...]