Swap Regulators consider $3 Billion threshold for swap-dealer registration

U.S.  Swap Regulators are considering a threshold above $3 billion for determining which banks, hedge funds and energy firms are swap dealers under the Dodd-Frank Act. According to various news sources, the SEC and CFTC are discussing when the “aggregate gross notional value” of a company’s dealing business requires registration as a swap-dealer.      The initial proposal of $100-million threshold was made in 2010.     This … [Read more...]

CFTC to Consider Futures-Collateral Safeguards Measure

The U.S. Commodity Future Trading Commission will hold a discussion next week to consider a plan to safeguard collateral following the collapse of MF Global Holdings Ltd. According to various sources, the plan is designed to protect clients’ collateral if their broker defaults, while also allowing the customer funds to be pooled before a bankruptcy.    The plan would be similar to new rules for the swaps market that were completed on … [Read more...]