Your husband commits insider trading — Now what?

NYSE trading floor

  There could be a bull market for divorce lawyers from marriages falling apart due to financial fraud or insider trading by a husband or wife.  Most of the time the husband is the one committing fraud and the wife is either a victim or left with damages or even both. New York is now a no-fault state for divorce. The wife of a husband who has committed insider trading can move forward to end the marriage based on no fault … [Read more...]

Compensating Executives by Insider Trading? And it is Legal.

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With much spot light focused on insider trading and excessive executive compensation received at times of recession, investment programs under Rule 10b5-1 receive little attention. Investment plans under Rule 10b5-1 were established to prevent insider trading and protect the securities markets but instead have been used to enhance executive compensation.   Like options, which in theory were supposed to tie management pay to stock performance, … [Read more...]

Is Nomura Insider Trading Scandal a Blow to Japanese Pride?

The Japan insider trading scandal that caused Nomura CEO to resign shows that regulation of the financial markets is a global concern. Given the lingering fallout of the economic crisis of 2008 and recent scandals, the widening case at Nomura scandal reveals that the pressure of the global financial crisis has taken a toll in the Japanese financial system. Japan has always taken pride in having an honest culture and well regulated financial … [Read more...]