Jack Lew —NOT the Proverbial Banking Insider

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Jacob (Jack) Lew, the likely nominee for the President’s Secretary of the Treasury, is well-positioned to deal with the three most immediate fiscal crises facing the nation: the debt ceiling, the deficit, and the fiscal cliff. Is he the proverbial banking  insider? Unlike his immediate predecessor, Lew doesn't come from a big bank or investment firm, but rather from positions as Chief of Staff to the President and past director of the … [Read more...]

Special Dividends Reveal Companies’ Reactions To Tax Increase

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   For those who think that the threat of increased regulation or taxation does not result in reactions by the private sector are proven to be wrong, as the number of publicly traded companies issuing or expediting dividend payments in the last quarter of 2012 to evade possible higher rates is ample proof. If the Obama Administration and Congress will not take preventative action in 2013, the top effective tax rates for dividends will … [Read more...]

The “Other” Cliff Comes With Heavy Price Tag For Economy

The Other Cliff

As the Fiscal Cliff has garnered a great deal of attention, another cliff is waiting on the horizon in the shape of vast regulations that President Obama will try to push through in his second term.    This wave of far reaching regulations could pose a bigger threat to the US economy that appears to finally be turning the corner from the financial crisis of 2008. In fact, some observers contend that cost of newly proposed regulations could … [Read more...]