Urgent: Senate To Vote on Student Loan Reform

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Urgent: Send them a note right now asking them to support Senator Elizabeth Warren’s bill to lower student loan interest rates. 
Just a few weeks ago, I sat in my cap and gown with thousands of other graduating students. As our parents applauded, speaker after speaker told us, “You’re going to change the world!” It was a nice change of pace — every other day, I hear about how my generation is made up of “lazy, entitled narcissists” [1] who spend all of our time posting photos of ourselves on Facebook.

But a lot of us were wondering how we’re going to change the world when we’re saddled with mountains of debt. Student debt now tops $1 trillion nationwide, and if we do nothing, student loan interest rates will double in less than a month.

That’s why I’m spending this summer organizing to stop the student debt crisis. The first step is to make Congress pass Senator Elizabeth Warren’s awesome new bill, the Bank on Students Loan Fairness Act, which would cut student loan interest rates to the same super-low rate big banks pay when they borrow from the government.

The Senate will be voting on key student loan legislation this week, as early as tomorrow. Join me, Working Families, and Democracy for America in sending a message to your senators today, urging them to support Senator Warren’s bill. 

If young people are really supposed to be the future, we need to take charge and demand that our lawmakers make college more affordable, not less.

You’re damn straight we’re going to change the world.

Want to help us do it? Send a message to to your senators here:

Maxwell Love
Working Families supporter and University of Wisconsin ’13

1. “The Me Me Me Generation,” TIME Magazine

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