Machiavellian Deadline Deals (MADD)

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Jim Trott

Thoughts from Jim Trott

Now, one of the things we all keep telling ourselves is please don’t  leave -whatever it is – to the last minute. advice, that personally, I am prone to ignore. Machiavellian deadline is upon us.

The US Administration and I seem as one on this. The Government /House / Senate had a compromise to reach over ‘The Fiscal Cliff`. The world and her husband knew very well that given the ludicrous/catastrophic alternative to an agreement, OF COURSE they would arrive at a solution, and they duly did so…..but not until the last minute plus a day or so.   Therefore sending the manic fringe of the financial markets into a media fueled frenzy.

Now we have the looming `debt ceiling deadline. Will America agree a framework whereby they will be able to `pay their debts?`Yes of course, but do we really have to have yet another month of refusal to compromise on both sides – leading eventually to what….yup, a compromise – via more pointless financial market volatility. Grow up guys; it will be done, so let`s ditch the showboating, stop being drama queens, accept that a compromise is inevitable and get on with running the country. Or perhaps change the political system…..Anyone would think that politicians like being the center of attention.

UNLESS, UNLESS…. dear reader, this is just a cunning plan to make the world believe that the US is increasingly incapable of running its affairs in a coherent fashion – therefore leading to a loss of international confidence – therefore leading to that most desired of all things…yes….a weaker dollar!!  At this point I have just realized that Americans don’t like anything appertaining to them to have the word “weak` anywhere near.   So I should refer to this current desired state of international nirvana at the moment as a more competitive currency or ‘MOCCURY` for short.   What does that mean; in this instance, a weaker dollar, but just don’t mention the W word…

Conventional means of bringing about a MOCCURY such as a burgeoning trade gap, printing money as if the word inflation was going to be something one would have to explain to ones Grandchildren, and a national debt seemingly spiraling out of control don`t seem to have worked.  This is possibly because every other government is making a MOCCURY of themselves, at the top of their agenda.    Harsh…..but fair.

Jim Trott (2 Posts)

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