Is the Federal Reserve Right?

Federal Reserve

    At the recent FOMC meeting, Bernanke was not clear about timing and even course of the Federal Reserve in ending bond buying program.  Perhaps intentionally, his uncertainty created a lot of volatility in the market. Given this volatility, I think it would be very difficult for the Federal Reserve to signal any type of exit strategy without causing some form of market response. In a way, it makes Federal Reserve a hostage to the markets. … [Read more...]

Twinkie – An American Cake: Sweet For Some, Bitter For Others


A group of hedge funds swooped in to “rescue” a struggling corporation—Hostess Brands—positioning it to enter bankruptcy for the second time in as many years. Will the beloved  Twinkie survive? Silver Point Capital, L.P. is a privately-owned hedge fund sponsor based in Greenwich, CT.  Their specialties include investing in securities of distressed, large-cap, and mid-cap companies. It was founded in 2002 by two former Goldman Sachs … [Read more...]